Monday, October 14, 2013

International Minimalism & Other Changes

Old City of Jerusalem, 2012

So I am in a bit of a dilemma.  I originally started this blog when my husband and I moved overseas and I discovered the simple living concept/community and wanted to share with my friends and family.  Since then, we have moved back stateside so I feel I am not living up to my blogs' name anymore!  Well, I decided to make a few changes to stay true to my original concept for this blog and take it to the next level.  My plan is to write a post once a week and post on Saturday mornings for your weekend reading pleasure.  Each week I am going to focus on a different Simple Living topic:

1) International Minimalism:  These posts will focus on the minimalist style of traveling, both from my own experiences and others.  I will also do some research about minimalist styles of living around the world and hopefully connect with other minimalist bloggers to share their stories with us!

2) Green Living: These posts will focus on different lifestyle choices my husband and I are making to live a greener/simpler/ and more sustainable lifestyle.  I will share our attempts, our ideas and ask to hear about yours as well!

3) Clutter: These posts will chronicle our progress on simplifying our possessions and the systems we will try out to prevent clutter build up.  I will be sure to not only share our success but our struggles with this as well!

4) Thoughts on Simple Living:  I also want to share my thoughts and feelings on this lifestyle choice.  It is so much more than just trying to donate clothing or recycle paper and plastic.  This change has brought many challenges and also enhanced our life in so many ways.  I hope to focus on different aspects of Simple Living and hopefully inspire some of you to journey down your own minimalist path!

I may come up with some other topics along the way and am open to hearing from all of you!  The growth in readership over the past year has been amazing and I'm so happy that people across the blog-o-sphere have been tuning in, commenting and giving such supportive feedback!  Special thanks to minimalist bloggers from Minimalism Is Simple for featuring me in their Share Your Story series, as well as to Simple White Rabbit for sharing some posts on Twitter and offering comments and feedback!  Your support has been amazing and I encourage all my readers to check out their inspiring blogs as well!  Cheers to the next chapter!

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