Saturday, February 8, 2014

Simple New Years Resolutions

2014 has arrived....over a month ago! Wow time flies when you are having fun!  I was lucky enough to spend new years this year abroad in Israel visiting friends and family. I love times of the year where I can symbolically have a fresh start and January/February are a few of those times with the new year in January and my birthday (#28!) in February.  As I was reviewing International Green Minimalist - Best of 2013
 I was thinking how happy I am to have adopted a simpler life style and am proud of the progress I have made paring down my possessions and simplifying my schedule.  I want to keep up this simple lifestyle and also continue to improve.

So here are my simple new years (both for 2014 and for 28!) resolutions:

- Only make conscious purchases that are either necessary, truly beneficial and will bring me joy.
- Continue to recycle, conserve water and be mindful of energy use in the home.
- Look into joining a Community Supported Agriculture group to get fresh locally grown produce regularly.
- Work on my small business, Your Simple Home.
- Improve upon International Green Minimalist!
- Be mindful of my schedule to save time for family and self care.

I will be sure to keep you all up to date on my resolutions.  What are your simple new years resolutions?  Please share in the comments!

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