Sunday, May 4, 2014

Makeup Makeover

Back around December I was overwhelmed with my drawer in my bathroom.  I would sift through quite a lot of makeup but was only actually using a small amount.  I realized that not only was I not using most of what I had, the stuff I was using was old, running out, and probably not the best stuff to be putting on my skin.  I decided to do an overhaul.  I went through everything and tossed about 75% of what I had.  I went to the store of the brand I like and told the sales woman what I wanted.  I explained that I needed her to help me find a minimal amount of products that I would use consistently, would be fast and easy to apply and would be as simple and natural on my skin as possible.   Luckily she listened.  I was honest with her about which products I simply wouldn't end up using based on my experience.  I now only have four products total that take me about 2 minutes to apply in the morning.

What happened to the other 25% of products that I didn't throw away in December?  Well here they are before hitting the trash bin now in May:

Brushes, lip gloss, eye liner and cases I simply have never used since acquiring them. No need to keep them in my drawer cluttering up my space.

Now getting ready in the morning is a breeze and a joy without seeing a bunch of clutter I haven't used in years sitting in a drawer.  I like not having a ton of options when it comes to my makeup routine and I now have a system and products that work well for me in all types of occasions.

Here are some tips I learned that may help you in your next Makeup Makeover:

* Throw Away If:
1) You haven't used the product in over a year.
2) It does not flatter you or work with your skin type.
3) The product isn't recommended for use past a certain time frame (like eye make up).
4) You don't LOVE it.

* Don't be shy about asking for help from experts: There are many makeup artists and specialists who can point you towards products that work well for you and your lifestyle.  The key is to be honest with them about your habits and past experience with makeup. For example: If you never put on eyeliner because it takes too much time, you probably won't start now even if you buy some.

* Don't feel pressured to buy more than what you are looking to buy.  Stand firm, you will be glad you did.

* Make sure you only have the amount of products that can fit in the space you have allotted for them.  If your makeup is spilling out of drawers and bins you won't know what you have and it won't be fun to apply and wear.

* One In, One Out Rule:  Just like clothes and other items, this is a trick to keep your makeup from multiplying. For example: If you find you are getting bored of your current eye shadow, it may be time (for health reasons) to get a fresh one, make sure the old stuff hits the trash bin before you open the new one.

I hope these are helpful! I would love to hear additional tips and tricks about simplifying makeup and other beauty products! Please share in the comments.

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