Sunday, March 22, 2015

Minimalist Re-set

Hello everyone.  I've been gone for 7 months because frankly, I had not been living a very minimalist lifestyle. I had taken on too much and said 'yes' to too many things.  Clutter had even begun to creep its way back into my car and my home.  People kept asking when I would write another post, and I simply had nothing to share.

At the beginning of the New Year, I decided it was time for a minimalist reset and over the last three months I have been decluttering and simplifying different areas of my life.

At work I: 

  • Reduced 3 drawers of files into one 
  • Shredded/recycled what was not needed
  • Scanned and filed away digitally what I thought we should keep  

At home I:

  • Gathered three bags worth of clothes and shoes to give away
  • Culled and organized 'out of control' paperwork
  • Had old laptops wiped clean and put up for sale
  • Went through cabinets to throw away old food/toiletries

In Life I:

  • Started saying 'no' more often to make sure I have time for myself and my relationship
  • Left a few groups I was a part of to make more time for things I really love
  • Restarted my small business, Your Simple Home, and tackled a new project with a new client
  • Started making home cooked meals
  • Signed up for a plot in the community garden for spring
I feel energized and motivated after my minimalist reset.  I hope to write more now that I have simplified life just a little bit more.  

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