Sunday, April 12, 2015

What Really Matters

It's Sunday, and I'm reflecting on one of the most stressful weeks I have had in a while.  And the thing is, most of the stress, was good stress.  One of my best friends started having contractions last Sunday, I was so excited and eager to do anything and everything I could for her, all while, handling one of my biggest work events of the year on Wednesday.  The baby came on Tuesday night, happy and healthy, the parents beaming with happiness.  I too was beaming and felt honored and lucky to be at the hospital to share in their joy.  The next day I got to work early and had a 12 hour rush to put on the largest and most well attended event we had.  I worked hard, many challenges came my way throughout the day, and I handled all of them and found solutions.  I went to bed on Wednesday, physically and emotionally aching from the stress.  The next morning it all caught up with me, I had the stomach flu.  Friday, was a healing day and building up my strength.  This weekend, with an ok from my doctor, I continued to assist my friends with their new baby.  I also, made a Target run with the new father.

This is where I saw the positive effects of my week play out.  Normally Target is my minimalist place of 'sin', where I get tempted to make frivolous purchases, especially when stressed out.  That day, I had a list of 7 things:

dish washer detergent
laundry detergent
dryer sheets
plastic sandwich bags
panty hose

And guess what, that's all I bought.  Not one extra thing went into the cart.  I saw some things that were colorful, shiny, glistening and calling me to pick them up, try them on, "I'll make you feel amazing!" they called to me.  But no, they wouldn't.  They would just take up space and end up causing me more stress.

The events of the week put everything in perspective: stuff doesn't matter.  Stuff wasn't going to help me help my friends during one of the most amazing times in their lives.  Stuff wasn't going to help me handle the hurdles I faced with my event at work. Stuff wasn't going to help me get better from the stomach flu.  And the last thing my friends needed this week was STUFF.  They and I, all needed love, support and care to get through this week.

As I enter a much less stressful week, I hope to take this lesson with me.  When stress strikes, some TLC is the cure, not a Target run.

Here's to wishing everyone a simple and lovely week ahead!

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