Tuesday, March 26, 2013

5 days in London!

With Spring break upon us my husband and I thought we would take a short hop over to Europe and spend 5 days in London.  We are staying with his wonderful Aunt & Uncle and will be seeing the city which I have never been to!  We are flying with an airline called Easy Jet which only allows ONE carry on for free, and yes, that is only ONE bag, not a small suitcase + backpack or backpack + purse, only ONE.  Well most people may sigh and be upset with this, but I as a budding minimalist see this as an AMAZING challenge!

It will be cold and rainy in London, so layers are key, and good walking boots that will keep my feet dry while seeing the city.  I will wear my boots, one pair of jeans, sweatshirt and winter coat onto the plane with me, and the rest of the wardrobe (minus undergarments) looks a little something like this:

This picture is of 3 sweaters, 2 long sleeve undershirts and 2 camisoles, and a t-shirt and sweats for pjs.  That, my friends, is it on top of 5 socks, and corresponding undergarments.  I figure, if my jeans or tops get wet or dirty that my Aunt and Uncle in-law won't mind us commandeering their washer and dryer.

For carry-on toiletries we are each only allowed a one-quart zip-lock, which means sharing (or more like my husband agreeing to use MY toiletries):
Not a completed set, but you get the idea.

I'll stuff a day purse into my back pack to use during our excursions in London, and we will borrow umbrellas from our family or just buy some cheap ones when we are there.  I will also pack our Kindles for reading on the flights.  

I put my clothes in ziplock bags to keep everything clean, dry and organized. 

And my carry on is now light and ready to go on the plane with me for a 5 day trip to London!


  1. Wow, good for you! That's amazing. I'm going to try to be minimalist when I travel to NY in a week and a half, but there's no way I can fit everything in one backpack! (To be fair, I have to bring a pillow and sleeping bag, and will not have access to laundry.)

    I like the ziploc trick for clothes also because it's easier to fit everything since you can squeeze out the air from each bag. But your toiletries - those look like sandwich size bags, not quart size! You can bring more than that :-)

    Have a great trip!

  2. Bra-VO!

    And I envy you for being able to split your toiletries between two people's carry-on bags ;-)