Saturday, April 20, 2013

Minimalist Food – Leftover Creations: Southwest Brunch in the Middle East

Earlier this week we hosted a BBQ lunch for Israel’s Independence Day.  We fed about 10 family members and friends and our spread consisted of burgers, hotdogs, salads, and limonana (lemon & mint) bars.  We ended up with quite a lot of leftovers hanging out in the fridge and have been working on finishing them, mostly during lunch or dinner times.

This morning I wanted to see how I could use some leftover ingredients to make a yummy brunch.
Using leftover cooked black beans, sliced tomatoes & onions (originally for the burgers),  parsley, and salsa. 

I cooked up a southwest scramble with a side of leftover corn bread as well! It was delicious and my husband and I finished it all! 

I hate wasting food and feel that being minimalist extends beyond my closets and shelves and into my pantry and refrigerator as well.  I try to only have on hand what perishables I need, eat our leftovers and repurpose ingredients to make creative meals.  I am continuously inspired by shows such as Chopped and the Mystery Box Challeges on Masterchef.
What adventures have you had in the kitchen to use up leftovers?  Send in pictures, recipes and a blurb to and I will post a series of minimalist cooking here on International Green Minimalist!

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  1. Looks delish! Now I'm hungry! We're old enough now that leftovers make the best meals - so much easier, although they do require more creativity. Excellent job here :-)