Thursday, May 23, 2013

One Suitcase Challenge - Update

Well folks, I am proud to announce that I am NEARLY at my goal of being able to fit my wardrobe into ONE suitcase.  With a another big move happening this summer (more on this later) and a short trip home for graduation between now and then I thought this would be a great time to see how much I could fit into our biggest suitcase while starting to pack.  As you can see below, without any real folding/rolling/or other space saving techniques, I was able to fit all my tops and bottoms for warm and cold weather into the suitcase.

The items I was not able to fit included my hanging items and pajama shelf.  This also did not include coats, shoes, undergarments or accessories (jewelry, hats, gloves, purses, belts).  This is a work in progress and I even started yet another small pile of give-away's which I am sure will grow as we progress with plans for another move overseas.

Luckily I will be able to move our cold weather clothes, shoes and coats over during my short trip home which will leave us a lot of wiggle room this summer.  My hope is to fit all our summer clothes into one suitcase and have the other three for linens, coats and shoes.  Any advice?!!

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  1. There are methods to packing clothes, etc. that save a lot of space. I could describe one of them here, but it might be easier to google it.