Friday, September 27, 2013

Couch Or Not To Couch?

We have been in our new space for 2 months now! My husband dove head first into his new job and is rocking it.  I am still on the job search myself and am attempting to stay patient and sane in the meantime. Putting together the apartment in a simple and meaningful way has been my project.  We chose to live in a two bedroom/two bathroom with a nice sized living room, small kitchen and dining nook.  Due to the fact that we have very little clothing and large closet space we did not have to buy dressers! We only have one bookcase that is barely filled, and 2 comfy chairs which we were gifted.  The one thing we have held off getting is a couch.

At first we held off for financial reasons, since moving is an expensive endeavor and we wanted to only spend money on more essential items.  After a month of no couch, we have been wondering if we should get one at all. We have had friends over for meals and afterwards brought out pillows and a few blankets and everyone got cozy on the carpet.  We don't have a TV and don't plan to get one, so we don't really need a viewing area.

That being said, we have had many situations where I found myself wishing we had a couch.  To me, a couch makes a living room feel more inviting and more like a home.  It would be more comfortable for guests and to host parties and such.  But is it something we actually need, or will it turn into another big item that will weigh us down?  I would love to know what you all think: Couch or Not To Couch? That is the question!!!

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