Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An Un-busy Day at the Beach

I am in a transition period in my life.  As of a few weeks ago I graduated with my MSW, completed my internship and am preparing to move back to the US next month.  This leaves very little time to find a job here and so I decided to take this time to apply for jobs in our new location, study for the licensing exam in Illinois, and prep us for the move.  But even with these goals, I still find myself with a lot of free time, and instead of enjoying it, I was feeling uneasy and even guilty about it.

Being busy is often misconstrued as evidence that we are successful, that we are doing the right things, that we are important or worthy.  To be anything but busy, often makes us feel that we have failed.  I came across an amazing blog post by one of my favorite Minimalist Bloggers: Joshua Becker, A Helpful Guide to Becoming Unbusy and I encourage you to take a look!

After reading his post and making a million to-do lists, I decided to put the chores aside and to go join a friend at the beach.  I sat, I read, I swam, and looked at this view for a whole afternoon:

In my quest to live a more minimalist lifestyle, it is not just about minimizing my things, but simplifying my lifestyle.  This year has been a crazy one with my husband working and studying full time, and myself commuting 3 hours a day for an internship and taking online classes for my Masters Degree.  Taking this time during a transition to go to the beach for a handful of hours, isn't only a treat, it's taking the time to slow down, to appreciate what I have and to practice living simplicity.

What are your thoughts on having a more simple schedule?

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